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I always asked myself, “Why was I even born?” Somewhere, a part of me wanted to die. But I was wrong to feel that way. I’m glad I was born! People say my powers are cursed. People say they detest my powers. But I’ve come to realise that my powers aren’t meant to hurt others! They’re meant to save people! I’m glad I’ve lived this long. I’m so happy I’m not dead… I don’t feel unpleasant.
March 31 » Happy birthday Mirai!

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Takano and Onodera (♥ω♥*)

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I thought I could do it since this is a dream… It really is hard, isn’t it?

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Amnesia World PV

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Just the cutest and adorable things: Gareki and Nai

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"All journey’s eventually end in the same place. Home."
-Chris Geiger

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